Open Field

Hi, I’m Chae!

I love to observe and make connections.
I connect with all things that I find interesting whether it's related to tech, design, or art.

Keep scrolling and I can tell you more about myself.

Electrical Engineering @ University of Illinois

Medical device designer

​Part-time Painter & Craftsman


Research satisfies my urge to find answers.

"How do we synthesize industrial-grade graphene?"

"How can we twist these fibers into a natural muscle-like structure of sufficient strength?"

Fueled by a belief that these questions can be answered, I’ve found a passion for experimenting with different variables and analyzing my results to figure out the path forward.


The purpose of Design is to facilitate a unique connection between people and an object.

Almost like giving that object life,
at least within our heads.


Medical Design takes a step further from pure design, applying such principles to ensure equal opportunity for people with illnesses and disabilities.

Having found my passion for this field during a dark period of my life, I’ve personally felt the way that such physical aids can enable and inspire people to live their best lives.

I like making things with my small hands.

I often spend my weekends at the Community Fab Lab making whatever my heart contents.
I'm also a painter. I paint for friends, and for local coffee shops.